Welcome to Great Reptiles Home, your online destination for the captivating world of invertebrates. Our selection showcases a wide range of species, from stunning tarantulas and mesmerizing scorpions. We empower enthusiasts of all levels to create suitable environments for their invertebrate companions. Our user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and nationwide shipping ensure a seamless shopping experience. Join our passionate community of invertebrate lovers as we explore the incredible diversity and beauty of these spineless creatures. 

Imported animals require more expertise than captive bred animals and should be purchased by experienced keepers or well researched individuals willing to give them a shot. We guarantee live arrival and we would never ship out an animal we would not be happy with receiving ourselves, however we no longer provide a 7 day health guarantee for imported , wild caught/field collected or farm bred animals.

If you place an animal order with us, we will be contacting you by phone and/or email to schedule your shipment within 24 (business) hours of you placing the order. Please be patient with us as we get to your order.

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