Terms of service

Failure to read our terms and conditions, accidental or intentional will under no circumstance be a reason to not honor them.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to know and abide by the applicable laws and ordinances regarding possession and purchase of animals in their local jurisdiction. Any orders cancelled and refunded because the buyer failed to acknowledge any applicable local, state or federal laws will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, no exceptions. Any orders which require the buyer to possess a local, state or federal permit must email the same to us within 24 hours of purchase (sales@greatreptileshome.com). Failure to do so will result in your order being cancelled and refunded, less a 10% restocking fee with no exceptions.

Great Reptiles Home ships Monday – Thursday via Fedex Priority Overnight with the exception of holidays

The buyer must be present on first delivery attempt and signature is required on all shipments. If the customer is not present on first attempt then all guarantees are voided.

Live and visibly health arrival is only guaranteed when shipping temperatures on both ends are between 35-90F degrees for home or business delivery, and between 30-100F degrees for Fedex Ship Center pick up.

We still guarantee the animal If you have package held at Fedex Ship Center for pick up, but the animal must be picked up within two hours of the Ship Center opening. Otherwise all terms are voided.

Bonus animals included in a purchase are not covered under our Live on Arrival guarantee and if Great Reptiles Home elects to replace them shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.   

Any carrier delays or mishandling resulting in a late arrival of the shipment will void our live arrival.

Any shipment rerouting changes on behalf of the customer will void our live arrival.

We do not offer refunds on shipping period. We do not offer refunds on shipping if the box is delayed or mishandled either.  We also will not file a claim with a carrier/shipper on behalf of the customer. 

We are not responsible for shipping charges of upholding our guarantee. If a shipment is being replaced it is the responsibility of the customer to pay the shipping charge.

In the rare case your shipment arrives deceased, unhealthy or is damaged in any way you must contact us immediately IN WRITING VIA EMAIL at sales@greatreptileshome.com
The arrival time will be determined by the tracking information provided by Fedex and to the customer.

Failure to contact us and provide pictures and videos within 2 hours of receiving the shipment with any issues regarding the shipment will void our live arrival policy.

If a shipment is refused and sent back we reserve the right to withhold shipping fees, restocking fee of 10%, and any additional handling fees. I the animal is deceased or unhealthy upon return to us 100% of the sale will be forfeited by the customer. 

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any customer for any reason. No sales to minors.

We serve the right to ask for proof of ID or permitting verification.

Great Reptiles Home has a zero return or refund policy.

If an order needs to be cancelled before shipping the customer will be offered store credit. If in the rare case a refund is granted there is a 10% restocking fee.

In any instance in which Great Reptiles Home offers a return shipping label, the animal being sent back to us must be dropped off AND PHYSICALLY SCANNED IN by an employee at FedEx within 24 hours of the label being sent to the customer. Any attempt to ship after 24 hours will void any agreement made between Great Reptiles Home and the customer. 

Great Reptiles Home does not sell any breeding rights, nor provide proof of sourcing on any animals. Any orders cancelled or disputed based on an attempt to discredit our sourcing will not be refunded or issued store credit. 

Great Reptiles Home does its best to sex animals properly but unless stated other wise it is not guaranteed.

Great Reptiles Home does its best to get an accurate size measurement of the animal. However, if the size is off by 1-2 inches there is nothing we can do. Size is an estimate.

Great Reptiles Home is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs. If you take any animal to a veterinarian, it is done completely at the buyers expense.

Great Reptiles Home is not responsible for any damage or harm done so by animals to the customer.

Great Reptiles Home does not guarantee the animal pictured is the animal, received unless it is specified to be that animal. Many animals of the same species are identical looking for the most part so individual pictures may not be provided.

All orders are subject to a processing fee at checkout.

We do not break or violate any state, local or federal laws. It is on the customer to make sure all animals comply with local laws.

Please be aware of all local wildlife laws and regulations.

All turtles and tortoises under four inches listed on our website are for educational, scientific, or export purposes only. These are not pets.

You can contact us by email if you have any special questions between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday EST.

We can receive texts and voicemails and will respond as quickly as we can, but do to high volume it can take up until the next business day to get a response.

Great Reptiles Home reserves the right to alter terms and conditions at any time.

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